Schüssler Salt Course – 1st level

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The course is held by Dr. Marina Salvi, surgeon specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology, Homeopath.

During the course we will deepen all twelve salts of Doctor Schussler, focusing on the characteristics and therapeutic power of each. There will also be many clinical cases reported and attention will be focused on the many pathologies on which the biochemical therapy of salts can be conveyed.


Doctor Schussler’s first level course of medicine. Schussler’s biochemical salts represent an effective, safe medical therapy, free of any side effects …. and it is also very easy to learn !!! Schussler salts must be part of our daily life. We must have them in our homes but above all in our mind !!! Study them and you will see how simple it will be to understand them and put them into practice. It is a medical therapy that can be considered an “easy homeopathy”.


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