Essential oils course for mother and baby

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The course is held by Dr. Marina Salvi, specialist in Gynecology, Homeopathy, expert in Emotional Embryology, Hildegardian Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Topics: Basics of aromatherapy, product quality, methods and type of intake – Essential oils in couples and to promote conception – Essential oils during pregnancy – Aromatherapy in breastfeeding – Essential oils for the care of babies and children.

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Essential oils course for mothers and babies.

Learn to heal with essential oils. Aromatherapy represents a true medical therapy, effective and safe. The goal of this course is to teach you the basics of aromatherapy and then start trying it. You will see how many successes! You will be amazed by the emotions that a therapy with essential oils will give you.

You will certainly gain health, but also time and more awareness …


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